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It is worth thinking about certain tips to bear in mind to allow runners to enjoy training more safely.

  1. Running with headphones and loud music is not recommended if you are running through a busy urban area or if you have to cross roads. It is important to hear warnings well in advance, but if the music is your motivation, try to wear only one ear bud or listen to music at a moderate volume.

  2. Try to make sure that your mobile phone’s battery is topped up and keep your phone accessible, in a band on your arm or similar, especially when you are running through a rural area or that has little traffic.

  3. If you want, you can always share your location in real time with close friends and relatives via WhatsApp while you are out running, so you can be reached at any time via GPS.

  4. Running with someone else is very beneficial for getting away from your routine and doing your activity more consistently. It is also another way of meeting new people and breaking with the day-to-day.

  5. If you run at night, dress so that you can be seen, with reflective clothing or flashing lights.

  6. Watch out for changes in level; you will not be as visible as you think at those points.

  7. If you are running on a road, always remember to stay on the verge facing oncoming traffic.

  8. It is important to always have some form of identification.

  9. Report any sexist behaviour that you experience or witness that may create insecurity or discomfort. Do not normalise or play down street harassment/attacks.


  1. You may do your training routine more consistently because of your commitment to the other person. Today for you, tomorrow for me.
  2. It provides you with support to achieve your personal goals.
  3. It is more fun to share sporting progression, set common goals and achieve each goal together.
  4. It is a different way of improving your times.
  5. Running with someone who has more experience with you is a daily learning opportunity.
  6. It is a way to socialise and meet new people outside your circles.
  7. It is beneficial for the mind, as it makes it easier to escape your daily routine, it makes you think about other things and it facilitates the elimination of possible stress.
  8. It is a safer way of dealing with the potential dangers of being attacked or delinquency.

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