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Personal Data Protection

Data Controller

Visiting this website does not require you as the user to provide any information on yourself However, users must provide certain personal data beforehand in order to use some of the services or access certain content. Should you provide personal information, we hereby inform you that the data will be processed by EDP España, S.A., whose registered office is in Oviedo, at Plaza del Fresno 2, 33007 and with tax number A33473752, as the data controller, pursuant to the General Data Protection Regulation  ((EU) 2016/679), hereinafter “GDPR”, and its enacting legislation.

Purposes of the processing

Specifically, your data may be processed, when you as the user so requests, to manage your registration as a runner on the SINCRONIZADAS platform (hereinafter “the platform”) to train in groups of women. In addition, your data may be processed to send, electronically, information on running-related sports events or competitions of which EDP España S.A is the organiser, promoter and/or sponsor. Your data may likewise be processed to send you as the user information on “meetups” to be held in your city or nearby areas and also to conduct satisfaction surveys on the “meetups” that you have signed up to. 

Data Quality

The data requested shall be mandatory and limited to the information needed to proceed to provide the service in question, in which regard you will be duly informed at the time of collecting your personal data. If you do not provide them or not correctly, we will not be able to provide the service.
In those cases, you as the user shall guarantee that the personal data provided are accurate and shall undertake to notify any changes to them. 


Legal basis of the processing

The legal basis for processing the data of the users registered on the website is the consent, with it being taken that you as the user consents to the processing of your personal data to manage your registration as a runner on the platform, to train in groups of women and to receive information on the “meetups” being held in your city or nearby areas, with the acceptance of the informed privacy policy in the registration questionnaire. 
Prior to completing the registration process on the “platform”, you as the user must login into any of the social media set up for access management, and authorise the “platform” in that social media  to use the email address. When accessing by logging in from Facebook, that social media will provide Sincronizadas EDP with your name and profile photo and, if you agree, a link to your biography and an email address. If you access through Twitter, Sincronizadas EDP can read tweets on your timeline, see who you follow and see your email address. If you want to object to this processing, you must so indicate in the Facebook and Twitter privacy settings.
Data processing to conduct surveys and to send, electronically, information on running-related sports events or competitions of which EDP España S.A is the organiser, promoter and/or sponsor, is based on the legitimate interest of EDP España S.A. You can object to that processing at any time, without that affecting the legality of any previous processing. Under no circumstances may the personal details of third parties be included in the forms contained on the website, unless the applicant has been so authorised beforehand in accordance with the terms of Article 7 of the GDPR. You as the applicant shall be solely liable for any breach of this obligation and any other regarding personal data, and shall guarantee that you have duly informed the third parties whose data is being included in the document. 


Disclosure of data to third parties

 EDP España, S.A. shall not disclose the personal data of the users registered on the website, even though that data can be accessed to all users recorded through the “platform.
Furthermore, your personal data may be disclosed to Public Administrations where required by law, to other companies of the business for internal administrative purposes, and to suppliers of the data controller when required to appropriately fulfil the contractual obligations. 
We hereby inform you that the data shall not be transferred internationally. 


Storage periods

Your personal data shall be conserved while your account is active on the platform or until you object to or revoke your consent given in that regard. Once you as the user cancel or deactivate your account, your personal data shall be deleted, while keeping the other anonymised information solely for statistical purposes. Notwithstanding the above, the data may be kept for the established period to comply with the legal obligations regarding keeping information and, for a maximum, during the limitation period of the relevant legal actions, and the data must remain blocked during that limitation period. The data shall be deleted at the end of that period.

Data Security

Pursuant to Article 32 of the GDPR, EDP España S.A hereby undertakes to comply with the security obligations for data provided by users.  It shall therefore seek to establish all the technical means at its disposal to avoid the loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorised access and theft of the data that you as the user has provided, taking into account the state of technology, the nature of the data provided and the risks to which they may be exposed. Notwithstanding the above, you as the user should be aware that online security measures are not impregnable.
EDP España, S.A. shall always treat your data as confidential, complying with the necessary duty of secrecy in that regard, pursuant to the applicable legislation. 


Rights of the data subject

You as the user may exercise your rights to access, amend, cancel, object to and limit your data, along with your right to data portability as well as the revocation of the previously granted consents , pursuant to current legislation, by writing to EDP España S.A. at the following address:  Canal de Comunicación LOPD, Plaza del Fresno, nº2, 33007 Oviedo. You may likewise exercise those rights by sending an email with your personal details to comunicacionesrgpd@edpenergia.es.

  and indicating “Sincronizadas” as the reference. You should attach a photocopy of the ID card of the data subject in both cases.
You may also contact the EDP España, S.A. data protection officer at the following postal address: Plaza del Fresno -, 2 33007 Oviedo or by sending an email to dpd@edpenergia.es, if you believe that any of your rights related to data protection have been breached, or, as applicable, file a claim with the Spanish Data Protection Agency at Calle de Jorge Juan, 6, 28001 Madrid.


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